Hi everybody

There are lot of abusive/bad/software operator lately, also, we have noticed some admins encourage innocent worker to use software. In both case, we would request admin to clean their team. Who are software loving, please stop software or go away from us.

Who will failed to act accordingly supposed to suspended/Fired in a sooner time.  Have not caught before do not means won’t catches in further, Too much clever are too much stupid, so don’t be clever, any technique you have/will won’t do much to avoid us or our system, we can find you in any means, regardless of which smartest technique you using.

Operator are advised to avoid such admin, who offer 3rt party or multi server software for any server. We are capable to find you. Whatever g you will use to bypass but nothing can work. When there are too many bad, we just need to intensify our monitoring, and that is what we doing now.
All good admin and operator, everyone are requested to seriously care accuracy for couple of week, as mentioned above, we have intensify our monitoring,  a higher number of error/timeout/orphan can confuse our checker. So it’s good idea to avoid unnecessary timeout, orphan and type carefully, we do not want a good worker to be marked as bad, therefore, we do not want to get your account caught due to lower accuracy. 

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